Moses vs. The Monsters

Allow It

Attack the Block – Moses

This movie was so damn good.

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Holy shit

Cory Kennedy, fakie alleyoop 180 front feeble… looks even better as his ender after a line in Pretty Sweet. All I can say is holy shit.

Cory Kennedy, fakie alleyoop 180 front feeble

Cory Kennedy, fakie alleyoop 180 front feeble

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The War Z Prices, Pre-Order & “Regular”

Shouldn’t the pre-order price be cheaper than the regular price? Especially when the regular price is advertised as a means of causing a time limited urgency to purchase?

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Wise words

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Bill Burr on the NHL Lockout

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bettman stahp

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EA NHL 13 Player Build Max Stats

Put together a spread sheet featuring the maximum stats for each of the forward and defensemen builds. Obviously, a few stats are missing as I could not reach the stat ceiling with my current Rookie 2 card’s worth of XP. I’ll fill those in, in the near future.

Click Here for the NHL 13 Builds on GoogleDocs

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Hey Sailor

Goin’ Wayne’s way?

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